We met on facebook in 2011 but never got the chance to physically meet each other. Because I didn’t know if she was the one, we kept in touch as friends however I was observing her closely and praying to God to know if she is the one for me
In 2019 | started having an unexplained feelings for her but didn’t mention it, instead I was busy saving her pictures from her status without her knowledge and I was enjoying her status especially when she post MEMES (In my mind I call her Memes Queen). The feelings became deep in 2022 and my Heart
Yerns for no one else but her.
I couldn’t hold myself back but to find a day to physically meet with her (The thought of her wan finish me) The first day we met was the day I went to meet with her parents with my intentions fully known to the entire family since then the rest have been history with Beautiful

Bridal @martina.ubeh
Planner @q_lizeventandplanning
Hair & Makeup @tesorang
Couple Outfits @esstyle.
Photography @damanis_photography
Photo credit @damanis_wedding
Backdrop @backdropers
Gear used: @canoncnafrica R6 + @canoncnafrica

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