About Us

Welcome to Damanis Pictures, where moments are immortalized through the lens. We are passionate storytellers capturing life’s beauty, one frame at a time. Dive into a visual journey that speaks volumes without uttering a word. Embrace the artistry, cherish the memories—welcome to our world of captivating imagery.

We invite you to embark on a visual odyssey with us, where every click resonates with the essence of storytelling. We are not just photographers; we are architects of memories, sculpting moments into timeless works of art. Our lens is a conduit that transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary narratives.

Meet Demian

When you take a picture of someone, It’s permanent. And you have captured the truth of that very moment, and that you can keep forever.

My name is Chiagozie Demian, I’m a Portrait/Fashion/Wedding Photographer

I am from Anambra State, born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I currently reside in Abuja, but my passion takes me around the world. Trust me, It’s passion not job

What Makes Us Unique

Damani’s Pictures is a team of professionals, trained to creatively document your big day.
Ultimately, our passion is to breach the gap between imagination and reality using our lens.
We are based in Nigeria, Africa, but we also travel for destination wedding photography.
Authenticity is one thing we pay utmost attention too, we edit each photos with care and as we embrace the details we make sure we still maintain the photo originality
We do what we do because we believe there is no greater happiness than love and it would be our pleasure to tell